Marc Abrahams: Love, laughter and dancing!


Until not long ago, “What we know” changed very slowly. If somebody discovered something that clashed with ” What we know “, they had to persuade a nobleman or a clergyman. Then things changed. Evidence, carefully gathered, mercilessly examined, became the main way to change — or to confirm!  – ” What we know”. That’s science. It’s hard work. It’s imperfect. But it’s more reliable than bowing to noblemen and clergymen. To see the difference, go examine old records kept for noblemen and clergymen. Notice how many infants and toddlers died. Science — with the longer, healthier lives it’s brought us — is worth celebrating with love, laughter and dancing!

Marc Abrahams writes about research that makes people laugh, then think. He is the editor and co-founder of Annals of Improbable Research, and the originator and master of ceremonies of the annual Ig Nobel Prize celebration. Marc graduated from Harvard College with a degree in applied mathematics.