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Hannelore Veith: Science connects and unites

Science is the foundation for progress – technologically and socially. The path to science leads through universities: they offer space to expand one’s own knowledge, space for open discourse and for personal development.

Universities offer even more: From the first day of their studies, students make important contacts that grow into an international network over time. In addition to classic research, this alumni network is the engine for further development: through personal connections, new things emerge, ideas and progress emerge. We want to promote and strengthen these connections, because this is the only way science can succeed. Science connects, unites, creates common ground. Let’s use this potential!

Hannelore Veit is President of the Alumni Association of the University of Vienna since 2021. The journalist and author was previously chief correspondent for many years for the public broadcaster ORF in Washington D.C. (USA).

Marc Abrahams: Love, laughter and dancing!


Until not long ago, “What we know” changed very slowly. If somebody discovered something that clashed with ” What we know “, they had to persuade a nobleman or a clergyman. Then things changed. Evidence, carefully gathered, mercilessly examined, became the main way to change — or to confirm!  – ” What we know”. That’s science. Continue reading Marc Abrahams: Love, laughter and dancing!

On track to the ball

The Vienna Ball of Sciences has negotiated discounted offers for travelling to and from the ball with our mobility partners, allowing you to get to the ball quickly. For example, there is a ball discount of 22% on the ÖBB standard price and discounted fares on flights with the Lufthansa Group, i.e. Austrian Airlines or Swiss. Find out more on the information page on our mobility partners.

Photo: ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

Handling climate change with Open Science

The effects of global warming and the social transformation towards climate neutrality are an urgent challenge. In the second Austrian Assessment Report on Climate Change (AAR2), around 150 scientists analyse the existing state of knowledge in order to support an evidence-based discussion on options for action and possible trade-offs between different transformation paths. We follow the methods and processes of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to ensure both the scientific quality and social relevance of the report. Continue reading Handling climate change with Open Science

Tickets on sale for #SciBall24

The excitement is great, as is the interest: tickets for the 9th Vienna Ball of Sciences on 27 January 2024 are now available in the webshop.

The Chairman of the Ball Committee, Oliver Lehmann, recorded extremely high interest even before tickets went on sale, both from Austria and abroad. Tickets can be booked immediately at The prices: € 100 for regular tickets, € 40 for students. Tables and boxes can also be booked at

Lehmann: “What was apparent last year has been confirmed again this season: interest in the Science Ball is extremely high. Even before tickets went on sale, we were flooded with enquiries! The Science Ball represents the diversity, size and excellence of the universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities and research institutions in the greater Vienna area.”

The programme in the ballrooms on the Beletage and – for the first time since 2020 – also in the Volkshalle of the town hall presents a stimulating mix of amazing scientific presentations, surprising tastings and music ranging from waltzes and jazz to soul and tango, including the opening committee and midnight quadrille. Thanks to the commitment of the 400 orchestra and band musicians, dancers, event technicians and catering staff, the Science Ball makes a significant contribution to Vienna’s cultural and event scene.

Lehmann: “Music from all genres, from waltz to swing, world and tango to hip hop, awaits you on five stages from 8.00 pm to 4.00 am. Presentations from the world of science will transform the town hall into an open-plan laboratory of enlightened pleasure.”

Once again, the rectors, presidents and heads of all Viennese universities, private universities, universities of applied sciences as well as the Austrian Academy of Sciences, IIASA, ISTA and WPI will form the committee of honour, underlining the relevance of Vienna as the most important university and research location in Central Europe. Highlights of the programme will be announced over the coming weeks, as will the ball ambassadors from science, business, culture and society.

The marketing activities for the ball are now in full swing.
The main source of information is the website and the social media channels @SciBall.

Free photos of the Ball 2023 for download


Oliver Lehmann, ball organiser
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok: @SciBall