From Busua in Ghana to Pongau in Salzburg, BEX has carved her path right into the heart of the Vienna music scene, culminating in a performance at the 2024 Vienna Science Ball.

A sneak peek into the sounds by Chiara Joos

It’s not just the different locations that characterize BEX, it’s also her passionate dedication to music. About two years ago, her musical journey began at a demonstration in Vienna, where she has been residing since 2019. It was there that the paths of the now 25-year-old BEX and the singer Aengl (formerly W1ze) crossed. Their connection extends beyond political protests – both not only faced racist experiences but also shared a musical taste. Progressing swiftly, two collaborative songs emerged, earning a spot on Aengl’s EP „Down Low.“ The initial performances followed suit. In 2022, a year later, not only was the joint EP nominated for the Best Sound category at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, but BEX also stood on stage as a live act, attracting national attention for the first time.

BEX showcases her versatility in the music industry. With hits like „Bounce“ and „Midnight Playground,“ she climbs the charts in Vienna, presenting confident songs conveying self-love and body positivity. Her inspiration comes from everyday life and her close friends, including W1ze, The Good Bush Project, Ilija Milicic, and Sunny Jana. On stage, she captivates with unique outfits and a confident presence.

The EP „Bundles“ is her latest release, a tribute to the diversity of hair and a manifesto of the strength of black women. BEX dreams not only musically but also has a clear goal: to earn enough money to establish a youth center in her Ghanaian homeland.

Following a successful performance at the Popfest Wien and the release of her EP, BEX is already working on new projects. As her favorite quote from Lil Wayne states, „Real G’s move in silence like lasagna,“ unpredictability remains her trademark.

You can read the full text in the 2024 ball magazine, which will be published on the evening of the ball.

Photo: ©TimCavadini