The Ball

Decent fun – Dance with an attitude

Building on the success of the premiere the City of Vienna, again, stages the Vienna Science Ball 2020. On Saturday, 25th of January 2020, Vienna’s City Hall will be turned into a festive venue for the city’s science and research community. In a city renown for its 450 spectacular events in carnival the Vienna Science Ball adds a distinct sensation of entertainment with an attitude to the annual ball season.

The Vienna Science Ball represents Vienna’s science and research community in its excellence and diversity. Typical elements of a Viennese Ball are combined with contributions from Vienna’s universities. International visibility and recognition is secured through the presence of global stars of popular science communication.

Science in Vienna is large and diverse: 215.000 students and researchers (= 12.5% of pop.) at 23 public and private universities plus research institutes, museums and funding agencies

Science in Vienna is excellent in terms of research and training: world-class science in quantum physics, computer science, molecular biology, logic, history, etc. For example, 75% of all  ERC grantees in Austria do their research in the Vienna area.

Science in Vienna is international: the largest university location in central Europe hosts scientists from more than 100 nations. 27% of the students are from abroad.

Official organiser of the ball is the Wolfgang Pauli Institut (WPI). The management of the ball lies with  „Wien Wissen– Knowledge Vienna“ (Federation for the advancement of science communication in the Vienna area) which designs and produces the Vienna Science Ball.