25 January 2020

We are looking forward to the 6th Vienna Ball of Sciences on Saturday, 25 January 2020, Town Hall

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“We’re about diversity, openness and excellence.”
New York Times, 6 February 2018

“Vienna’s brightest ball”
Falter, 30 January 2019

“One of Vienna´s highlights during the waltzing season, combining entertainment with an academic attitude.”
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (Vienna Bio Center), 29 January 2019

“The Science Ball is a gas, it brings the mad crowd of researchers, creativos, innovators and future-shapers together and inspires us all!”
Ce-M-M Research Center for Molecular Medicine (Vienna), 29 January 2019

“The youngest traditional ball is the best!”
Univ.Prof. Verena Winiwarter, Universität für Bodenkultur und Institut für soziale Ökologie