Veggie food tasting

Climate protection with ratatouille

Vegetarian diets are not only healthy for the individual – but also for the planet. To be tasted at the science ball.

A tasting session by Chiara Joos

Pixar style

(PR) Environmental vegetarianism is a current trend that goes beyond the sustainability scene and Insta-influencers. The Oxford study of the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) project conducted research into this. This is not just about satisfying hunger, but about a lifestyle that aims to protect the planet.
Growing food produces greenhouse gases; The production of animal foods accounts for 67% of food-related emissions in Austria alone. That means more than two and a half tons of CO2 equivalents per capita per year, and that’s just the direct emissions from agriculture, manufacturing and transport – about what a car emits in a year.

The 160-year-old traditional French brand Cassegrain delivers small, ready-made dishes out of the can – and for tasting at the science ball. What’s special: Ratatouille comes to the table in a flash in the characteristic green, rectangular vegetable tins according to the original French recipe. Whether cold as a starter with a salad, warm with pasta and baguette or as an accompaniment to meat and fish – Cassegrain offers enjoyment in which vegetables play the main role.

You can read the full text in the 2024 ball magazine, which will be published on the evening of the ball.