The mobility partners 2024

The Vienna Ball of Sciences has negotiated discounts  for travelling to and from the ball with our mobility partners. Please note that the Organising Committee cannot be held liable for prices, conditions, connections, etc.

Travelling by train

Click on the link to the ÖBB event account and then enter the TAN 5832UX. Now you can register as a new customer with an e-mail address and book your journey to the 9th Vienna Ball of Sciences 2024. Please note that each person must create a new ÖBB account specifically for this event. An existing ÖBB account cannot be used because each e-mail address can only be used once in the ÖBB booking system.

By registering, you will receive a 22% discount on the ÖBB standard fare, a 10% discount on the international standard fare and a special price for the ÖBB Nightjet. The discounts apply for the period from four days before the ball until four days after the ball. Your customer account for the ball will be automatically deleted after the end of the event and thus after your return journey.

Please note that the respective ÖBB cancellation conditions of the selected fare also apply if the event is cancelled.

Travelling by plane (e.g. Austrian Airlines or Swiss)

Use the link to the Lufthansa event platform and the event code ATAUEKG to access the booking platform. The discounted fares will be displayed automatically. Please note: Please allow pop-ups in your browser permanently during the booking process, otherwise the window in the booking platform will not open.