Our Science Blogger-in-residence: Martin Moder!

Science Ball is just around the corner! On Saturday starting from 20.00 we have our Science Blogger-in-residence, updating us on all happenings at the ball: molecular biologist Martin Moder from CeMM

Martin Moder is a molecular biologist and currently working at the Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. His topic: infrequent genetic diseases. He loves to share his enjoyment for science, so he started being an instructor at the public Vienna Open Lab. In 2014, he took part in few Science Slams and became the first european Science Slam-champion with his performance on “Brain amputated fruit flies fighting cancer”. Only currently he published a popular scientific book „Treffen sich zwei Moleküle im Labor“, explaining the big questions of biology and genetics: “Can one get absolutely wasted by eating white bread? Why is cold sweat desirable at first dates? And should mosquitos and lightning bugs interbreed so we see where to hit at night?”  Martin is running his Science Blog „GENau“ and is the youngest one of Science Busters. He thinks research is way to thrilling to just leave it to scientists. And as he claims being a great dancer with a perfect walz, he just has everything a successful Science Blogger-in-residence needs. We are very much looking forward to his live-reports!