Anne Wieben

“Vienna, city of my dreams!” The title of one of the most famous songs about Vienna could very well be the story of my life. 15 years ago I left my homeland, Minnesota in the USA, to study music in Vienna. It was love at first sight! What started as a one year study abroad experience has lead to a masters in music from the Music and Arts Private University of Vienna (MUK) and a career on the opera stages of the world. Yet no matter where my singing takes me, Vienna always calls me back. This is the city where  Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn and so many others found their inspiration. What’s more, this is a city where creative thinking has been encouraged, valued, and celebrated for centuries– and that continues today. The Vienna Ball of Sciences is a perfect example.  For 6 years now, Vienna’s newest ball has been bringing together the most creative minds from across the world to share ideas– and, of course, to have a great time in true Viennese fashion!

It is my honor to not only be an ambassador for this year’s Ball of Sciences, but to also present the “Mitternachtseinlage” or “Midnight Show”.  Get ready for a performance full of beautiful music, passion, and a healthy portion of fun. Whether you are a physicist or a violinist, a bio engineer or a chemistry student, a singer or an astronomer, put your dancing shoes on– see you at the Vienna City Hall on January 25th! 

Anne Wieben is soprano and alumna of the Music and Arts Private University of Vienna (MUK).  Recently she starred as Rosalinde in Die Fledermaus with the “Wir sind Wien” festival, which took place across Vienna’s districts. She also toured through Vorarlberg and Minnesota, and performs regularly with Vienna’s Nesterval ensemble. She is the founder and creative director of Opera on the Lake, an operetta festival in Minnesota.” At this year’s Ball of Science’s,  she can be heard and seen during the midnight show, which includes a musical surprise.  


Photo: (c) Gregor Hofbauer