The Power of Science

The 8th Vienna Ball of Sciences will take place on January 29, 2022 at the Vienna City Hall. Under particularly strict Corona rules. And thanks to the power of science.

The one piece of good news: according to the current rules, the ball will take place. Why are we, as the organizing committee, daring the experiment? Because we are imposing particularly strict rules based on the findings of science.

From this follows the other good news: anyone and everyone can be a beneficiary of these findings. The #sciball21 represents the diversity, size and excellence of the universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities and research institutions in the greater Vienna area. This season, the ball illustrates to a special extent how we all benefit from science. Not only from basic research in the natural sciences, which ultimately made the development of vaccines possible in a sensationally short time. But also from the analyses and classifications of the humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies that help us understand phenomena such as epidemics, quarantine, and lockdown and their impact on society.

And that is why we are celebrating the power of science at the 8th Vienna Ball of Science on January 29, 2022 at Vienna City Hall. As usual: with exciting presentations and tempting tastings. With waltz, jazz, soul and tango. With opening committee and midnight quadrille. With you.