Nicole Amberg: gender equality as driving force

Foto: Peter Rigaud

“An inherent feature of science is to ask questions leading to a better understanding of the world. However, the scientific system immediately has to be questioned regarding its accessibility for different individuals, since societies and academic institutions still lack homogenous access to education, opportunities and chances. Thus, science is depleted of diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and ultimately and most importantly: mindsets.

As a scientist, I asked the two questions “Why is that and how can we prevent it?” and co-founded The STEM fatale Initiative in order to find answers. I make use of an important scientific aspect: data collection, analysis and publication. Currently the initiative is performing a survey with the goal to determine professional, societal, structural and personal factors impacting women’s careers in STEM.

This is a strength of science: assess problems, determine causes, and suggest solutions. A scientific community that intentionally and systematically embraces diversity through equality will challenge the status quo and become the driving force for society.” 

Nicole Amberg is a neuroscientist at IST Austria. She is an advocate for gender equality in science and thus co-founded the STEM fatale Initiative. She also strives to explain scientific subjects to children with her organization Wissen schafft’s.