Antonia Weberling: stop the funding cuts!


“Decades of independent research have made it possible for scientists to develop not only one, but several vaccines against Covid-19 in a record-breaking span of time. In order to stop climate change and hit the 1.5-degree-target, scholars and scientists work together, as we need to reach a fundamental change in the way our society thinks and acts in addition to finding or optimizing alternative, renewable sources of energy. Instead of learning from the pandemic and the climate crisis and encouraging independent research so that we can build upon foundations for the next crisis, funding has been massively withdrawn. 

The influence of science and research on our daily lives however – aside from the Coronavirus – remains invisible. If we want to prevent the death of the European science landscape, what we need to do is raise a greater understanding for research processes within the political sphere and the public and get politicians to appreciate the essential role of research – not only on paper.”

Antonia Weberling studied biochemistry at the FU Berlin and is currently conducting her PhD research at the University of Cambridge  focusing on the early embryonic development of human beings and mice. In 2020, together with Dr. Nathalie Conrad, she founded the RescueHorizonEurope initiative, which aims to prevent the shortening of the Horizon Europe budget. Supported by numerous scientists, universities and university networks, her campaign advocates to commit the European Council to  invest 3% of the gross domestic product into research and innovation.