Messages of Confidence

Even without a ball in the hall, we will see the light this season. Our ball ambassadors will have their say here in the coming weeks / Photo: Piece of Cake

Dear ball guests,

Tough we have postponed the 7th Science Ball until January 29, 2022 the ball has always been much more than a glittering celebration of inspiring enlightenment and encouraging sensuality: a platform for testing and applying innovative methods of science communication.

In previous years, for example, we have used the preparatory phase starting in mid-November to ask people from the scientific community and with a connection to science to send a ball message explaining in a popular way why the Viennese sciences are so open, diverse and excellent.

This season everything is a bit different. As a proof may serve that I am writing this posting on the first day of the second lockdown 2020. This time we have asked experienced ambassadors from the past together with new emissaries to explain to us and to you what science contributes to tackle the two greatest challenges of the present: the corona pandemic and the climate crisis.

The program of the Vienna Science, Research and Technology Fund (WWTF), which was set up in no time , and the roll-call of the Alliance of Austrian Science Organizations to tackle the pandemic are just two examples of the activities of the local scientific community.

In the coming weeks you will find these messages of confidence on our homepage and our social media channels. I am not giving too much away if I tell you that the diversity, ingenuity and excellence of the messages is impressive and emphatically documents the relevance of science and research from and for Vienna.

One more thing: even if the ball itself cannot take place, we are planning a virtual event in the spirit of inspiring enlightenment and encouraging sensuality at the end of January, which we will broadcast from the Vienna City Hall. Stay tuned for more.

And until then: fun with distance, curiosity with attitude!

Oliver Lehmann
Ball organizer