Nuno Maulide: Sustainable Chemistry of the Future


“2020 was a year, in which we had to face many challenges as a society and choose the best possible way forward. The contributions scientists have made to understand and combat the COVID-19 pandemic are without question. Chemistry was one of the key players – some of the active components are already commonly used. Basic research can also bring new approaches: In the Maulide group we use our findings to produce potential components, which can be accessed through newly developed methods. The compounds we have synthesised so far have not shown any advantageous activity against known agents. However, we continue to work on developing environmentally friendly transformations which can contribute to the chemistry of the future in a sustainable manner and with high atom economy.”

Nuno Maulide is Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Vienna. He is member of the ÖAW Young Curia. In 2015 he received a ERC Grant, the highest research grant from the European Union, already for the second time. In addition, Maulide has rendered services as a science broker at the Vienna Children’s University. In 2018, Maulide was awarded “Scientist of the Year” by the Club of Educational and Science Journalists.