Sophie Grünbacher: What A.I. can do for contact tracing

“The arts world and event organisers belong without doubt to those, who suffered most during the last months. Due to many years of experience in the event sector, technical expertise and enthusiasm for research, mathematics and algorithms, we came up with a way to support organisers, musicians, artists, theaters and museums: Our tool “Vereinstix” helps them to properly practice contact tracing – without disregarding  data protection. Organisers can use our app to promote their events and offer online tickets. With our start-up “DatenVorsprung” we enable these operations to use the value of the data with artificial intelligence. Through so-called ‘AI marketing’ they can emerge strengthened from this crisis. Our algorithms help to optimise processes, prognoses, the visualisation and analysis of user data, streams of visitors, audiences, and for advertising.”

Sophie Grünbacher is PhD student for a FWF-funded project at the institute for Logic und Computation, TU Vienna. Together with her partner Philipp Neubauer she leads the online ticket service “Absolut Ticket”, the platform behind “Vereinstix.

This is how Vereinstix works: If, for example, a football club wants to organise a game, it will receive a poster with a QR-code. Every guest scans the code and registers him- or herself. If somebody is tested positive for Covid-19 after the event, Vereinstix will anonymously contact the other visitors. Their data is stored separately and will be deleted after 28 days.

Photo: (c) private