Markus Meyer

“According to Hermann F. Mark, ‘all life is chemistry’, but according to Calderón, ‘life is a dream’. So as a consequence one might follow that chemistry is based on the dream, that life is created out of nothing. Chemists do this everyday in the lab, actors on stage every night. The science ball suggests that such relationships between research and the arts are  made and appreciated. That alone is a reason to celebrate. ”

Markus Meyer is an actor at the Burgtheater since 2004, most recently as the leading character in “Ludwig II.” at the Akademietheater. In 2016 he was named “Actor of the Year” by the ORF radio drama jury. Markus is also a trained biochemist (University of Hannover)

Photo: Sabine Hauswirth, location: bar at the Hotel Intercontinental (thanks to Daniela Enzi)