“Making of” Markus Mayer


The photo series with Burgtheater actor and biochemist Markus Meyer was created in the late afternoon of December 22, 2017, in the legendary bar of the Hotel Intercontinental in Vienna. Two days before, Mayer had premiered in Ewald Palmetshofer’s drama “Before Sunrise” (after Gerhart Hauptmann); for photographer Sabine Hauswirth, camera operator Joseph Cyril Stoisits and me it was the last appointment before Christmas. The pictures give away this relaxed mood. On the stage effect of Markus Meyer we quote from the “Burgtheater Magazin” (November issue December 2017, page 35):

Have you ever had indecent thoughts while watching actors play?
“Indecent thoughts? Markus Meyer’s appearance as Ludwig II! Heaven, staying cool next to my husband was a great acting performance by me. ”
Susanna Cantele

We confirm this impression with pleasure.