Lilli Hollein

„Design – for most people – means creation in the sense of arranging something in a nice way. That might be the right thing for a ball night but on the intersection of science and design, it certainly isn’t all about decor. Research and experiments can unify this field, within design and science these people are helping our advancement. Interdisciplinary exchange can spark our imagination – and something that happens in three-four time on the dancefloor.“

Lilli Hollein is the festival director of the renowned Vienna Design Week. Since 1996 she is also works as a curator, author and journalist in the area of architecture and design. Together with Tulga Beyerle und Thomas Geisler she founded the group „Neigungsgruppe Design“. They organise conferences at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and brought the Vienna Design Week to life.

Foto: ©Katharina Gossow