Franz Kerschbaum

(c) Karl Leitner

“Maybe Nicolaus Copernicus already mentioned in 1543 in his most important work ‘On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres’ a connection between the movements of our planets in the solar system and those during the Viennese Waltz? ‘Alles Walzer’, meaning ‘let the waltz begin’, or rather the reverse waltz is also true for our eight planets. Thus, as an astronomer, I am all the more pleased to be taking place in an elated, colorful, vibrant, moving and also important Vienna Ball of Sciences 2019.”

Univ.Prof.Dr. Franz Kerschbaum (Foto © Karl Leitner) is working as an astrophysicist at the University of Vienna. His research focuses on space instrumentation, late stages of stellar evolution and the History of Astronomy. The communication and enthusiasm for astronomy and science in general, is one of his main objectives. To do that, he also engages in excellent photography, as this gallery shows: