Hannah Lutz

(c) PhilippStoisits

“The Vienna Ball of Sciences combines several wonderful things: science, research and the fun of a ball night. Since its first edition the ball has established itself as an important counter event to the Akademikerball and is therefore contributing to science not being pocketed by far-right poltics.

Together we can make sure that right-wing fraternities, right extremists and other nationalists will never again gain the upper hand over science and society. Let us dance, especially against those who repeatedly want to spread their hate in the Hofburg!”

Hannah Lutz is chairwoman for the Austrian Students Association, ÖH. She is studying law at the University of Vienna and was the top candidate for the VSStÖ, Socialist Students of Austria. In the years before she was already a mandatary at the ÖH Wien and spokeswoman for the VSStÖ.

(c) Philipp Stoisits