The Vienna Ball of Sciences as a study project

bild-rathaus The FHWien University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication welcomes every semester about 100 incoming students from 98 partner institutions in 38 countries. 25 of them currently attend a course on event management. As part of the FHWien Event Management course this semester, international students were given a unique Viennese case study: The Vienna Ball of Sciences.

The course started with an introductory lecture on event management tools and the decision-making processes that mainly shape the Ball. Thereafter student groups have participated in a workshop session to develop case-specific elements of event planning such as the build-up, location design, and run of show.
Oliver Lehmann, a science journalist and the head of the Vienna Ball of Sciences, visited the course to offer an insight into the goals and objectives of the Ball and how it came into being. He also contextualized the event by giving an overview of the Viennese ball tradition. 


After the workshop an excursion to the event location, Vienna’s grand city hall, was organized. The pros and cons of a historical venue were discussed on-site and students have developed a better understanding of the logistical challenges and symbolic value of event locations. For Marine Nozerand “the contribution of Mister Lehmann was really interesting as it showed us the backstage and all the work that goes into such a recognized event. To be able to visit the Rathaus right after and see how it’s going to unroll in the venue made us feel like a part of this big project.”

The crowning closure is that these students may work at the ball on January 28, 2017 and gain valuable first-hand event planning & management experience with one of Vienna’s finest events.

See also the report on FHWien’s Homepage

Photos: Marine Nozerand