Robert-Jan Smits: Science with, by and for society

“The Corona pandemic has shown more than ever the importance of European science and research. The grand challenges such as climate change, the energy transition and the aging of society can only be met with science and research – and this requires the highest political priority at both national and European level. Involving citizens in this process is essential to create and strengthen the necessary trust in science and research. This is precisely the goal of Open Science: science with, by and for society!

Austria is a strong research partner in the European Research Area, the most recent example being Nobel Prize winner Anton Zeilinger, a top Austrian researcher in the heart of Europe. I look forward to a lively evening in excellent company: let’s celebrate the power of science!”

Robert-Jan Smits is President of Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) and was Director General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission from 2010 to 2018.