Cool-headed in a shower of confetti

What do you absolutely need for a successful ball? Two producers, who are in charge of a perfectly smooth organization and running. Especially important: always keeping a cool head and a smile on your face, even when challenged by sudden problems and difficulties. Claudia Spitz and Emilie Kleinszig only recently proved, that they know how to handle unexpected incidents. At the opening ceremony of the Financial Life Park banging confetti overburdend the sprinkler at Erste-Campus Vienna. All of a sudden, it not only poured colourful scraps of paper, but also fire fighting water, as shown in this article. The attendant crowd, including minister of finance Hans Jörg Schelling, did not get soaked and still had a tremendous time – due to the prompt intervention and confident handling of Claudia Spitz’ Team!

Photo: Peter Mayr