The ball images 2024

The best pictures from the grand ball room and the other festive halls in the town hall from our photographers Peter Mayr, Roland Ferrigato and Franz Reiterer (© Sciball). When uploading your own pictures to social media do use #SciBall24

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Red Carpet 2024

The guests of honor are greeted on th red carpet. Here is a selection:

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Fotos. R. Ferrigato / ©SciBall

The ‘Schmusechor’: A choir that speaks up

© Nina Keinrath

The ‘Schmusechor’ (engl. Cuddle Choir) captivates not only with interpretations of Aretha Franklin and David Bowie. The queer-feminist singing ensemble also doesn’t shy away from being politically outspoken.

 A visit to the rehearsal by Chiara Joos

With powerful steps, Verena Giesinger stomps on the floor, thrusts her arms forward, and exclaims, „You have to pronounce it really wildly!“. A choir of tightly packed alto, bass, mezzo-soprano, soprano and tenor voices responds to their conductor Giesinger with a loud, drawn-out „Juuuust“. In a small room at Brut Wien, a production and performance venue for the performing arts, Giesinger rehearses the New Year’s concert with the ensemble, the Schmusechor. These rehearsals mark only the beginning of upcoming performances and an impending theatre production. The weeks leading up to the Science Ball leave no gaps in the calendar. Giesinger and the voices of the ensemble are not only locally popular in Vienna but have already established a resounding reputation beyond the borders of Austria. Continue reading The ‘Schmusechor’: A choir that speaks up

The CO₂ Cube

The dice has dropped

How big is a ton of CO2? And what does this ton stand for? A joint project by Wiener Stadtwerke and the Vienna Ball of Sciences illustrates the volume of such an amount of carbon dioxide – and the dimension of the challenge of making Vienna a CO2-neutral metropolis by 2040.

It all started with a simple question: How big is a ton of CO2? The role of CO2 in global warming is now widely recognized. Although CO2 makes up a small proportion of the air, only around 0.038 percent. However, in its function as a greenhouse gas, it plays a crucial role in our climate: CO2 absorbs part of the heat given off by the Earth into space and radiates it back to the Earth. Continue reading The CO₂ Cube

Poldi, the fun park whale

The whale comes up for air at Karlsplatz

The newly designed Vienna Museum enables – free of charge – a fascinating journey through time through the history of the city. Praterwal Poldi plays a particularly important role, as the sculpture combines folk culture and science.

A tour by Chiara Joos


The seemingly endless expanses of our oceans are home to around 90 species of whales, divided into toothed whales such as dolphins and killer whales, as well as baleen whales such as the blue whale and the humpback whale. Each species harbors its own unique characteristics, behaviors and whale songs. From the cold Arctic waters to the warm tropical seas, they are widespread worldwide and represent species protection and the changes to our habitats caused by climate change. And then we have Poldi, the Praterwal. Continue reading Poldi, the fun park whale

The ball fanfare


Also this year, the fanfare for the Science Ball will be composed by students from the Music and Arts Private University Vienna (MUK).

Chiara Joos introduces the participants

Louis Prades sets the tempo, rhythm, entrances, and pauses. Two years ago, the 24-year-old Student came from Spain to Vienna to pursue a Master’s in Conducting at MUK. Now, he practically oversees 13 musicians and a composition. He received the submitted scores just five days before the rehearsal – little time, a lot of stress. During the rehearsal, 20 minutes per composition are allocated to ensure that both Louis and the brass ensemble and drummers can grasp the feel of the piece.

Continue reading The ball fanfare

The ball overture

“The Silver Lake,” composed by Kurt Weill in 1933 amidst a crisis-ridden era of the Weimar Republic, is a three-part stage play that delves deep into the social and political unrest of the time—a world defined by injustice. The Silver Lake itself serves as a symbolic space for power and wealth, where desire and conflicts flare up between the oppressed and the powerful. The play impresses with its amalgamation of folk melodies and avant-garde elements. Continue reading The ball overture


From Busua in Ghana to Pongau in Salzburg, BEX has carved her path right into the heart of the Vienna music scene, culminating in a performance at the 2024 Vienna Science Ball.

A sneak peek into the sounds by Chiara Joos

It’s not just the different locations that characterize BEX, it’s also her passionate dedication to music. About two years ago, her musical journey began at a demonstration in Vienna, where she has been residing since 2019. It was there that the paths of the now 25-year-old BEX and the singer Aengl (formerly W1ze) crossed. Their connection extends beyond political protests – both not only faced racist experiences but also shared a musical taste. Progressing swiftly, two collaborative songs emerged, earning a spot on Aengl’s EP „Down Low.“ The initial performances followed suit. In 2022, a year later, not only was the joint EP nominated for the Best Sound category at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, but BEX also stood on stage as a live act, attracting national attention for the first time. Continue reading Bex/Beats/Body