Highlights at this year’s ball

Spectacular experiments and stunning presentations are turning the townhall once again into an experimental arrangement of an amusing thirst for knowledge.

No Science Ball without a premiere: On the 26th of January, at the 5th Vienna Ball of Sciences, it will be possible for the first time to also use the “Volkshalle” on the ground floor – additionally to the ballrooms in the “Beletage”. This way we are accomodating around 3.600 guests. Just like in the previous years, also this year’s ball will be sold out.

Here you can find a link to this year’s hall plan: Saalplan 2019

The audience can look forward to these  highlights:

  • 3D-Mapping projections of the Vienna Center or Logic and Algorithms (TU Wien) are welcoming our guests by turning  the grand staircase into a waterfall or a night sky with flocks of birds.
  •  In a cooperation with multimedia-artist  Frederick Baker, the “Museum für Angewandte Kunst” (MAK)is offering virtual walks through “Klimt’s magical garden”.
  • Austrian Superfood  – picked and explained by Karl-Heinz Wagner, Professor for Nutrition at the University of Vienna – will be available as tasting samples and will  decorate this year’s tables.
  • Franz Kerschbaum, Professor for Astronomy at the University of Vienna, will bring his infrared camera, to determine the “hottest dancer” with outmost precision.
  • The dicotheque in the Volkshalle is decorated by a 30 meter long fluorescent-painting, designed by students of the academy of fine arts.
  • Videoloops by the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) and the University of apllied arts, and also by the JAM Music Lab Private University are balancing out the intersections between art and science.
  • The bolide, made by the OS.Car Racing Team of FH Campus Wien is parking in the middle of the townhall.
  • Aha!Moments to play and experiment: a social initiative by the “Kinderbüro” of the University Vienna and their partners in India, are arousing enthusiasm for research.
As a take-home-present you will get Staud’s jams and confitures

And another premiere: For the first time there are going to be two performances! At midnight, Kalyi Jag, Hungary’s most legendary Roma-band is playing at the Festsaal – presented by Wittgenstein price- awardee and ethnomusicologist Ursula Hemetek, Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. At 01.00 the stage in the Volkshalle belongs to the rapduo ESRAP for a lecture of a special kind. Esra Özmen, doctoral student at the academy of fine arts is writing her thesis about the emergence of rap in Vienna’s outer districts. Together with her brother Enes they can be considered one of the most exciting ensembles in popular music including a political message.

Some of the old classics:

  • The opening by the “Jungdamen- und Jungherrenkomitees” presented by dancing school led by Dancing Star Thomas Kraml, who is also designing a choreographie for our spectacular midnight quadrille. We can also count on the “Taxitänzer”, who are offering their sevices to ladies, whose partners are not willing to waltz.
  • The Ballcasino presented by Casinos Austria; all proceeds are donated to the refugee initiative MORE by uniko, Universitätenkonferenz.
  • A photo box is guaranteeing scientifically uncrimpled portraits.
  • Plus: a styling corner brought to you by students of the school for hair and body care; and memory photos taken by our event photographers.

8 orchestras and bands are playing on 6 stages:

  • Festsaal: The Orchestra of the Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna is, as usual, responsible for the musical composition of the grand opening and the preluding fanfare. It is followed by the new Ballorchestra Divertimento Viennese, which consists of musicians at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
  • Nordbuffet: Due to last year’s great success,  the JAM Music Lab Private University is playing again with their Latin All Star Band including solist Thomas Gansch
  • Stadtsenatssitzungssaal: Soul with Aminata & The Astronauts
  • Wappensaal: Swing and Jazz with Saxophone Affairs
  • Milonga Bar: Tango with Garufa!
  • Dicotheque at the Volkshalle: DJs Tex Rubinowitz and Maik Novotny

Media contact: Petra Eckhart | eckhart@wissenschaftsball.at| +43 664 8565809

Stand: 16.1.2019