A Tribute to Helmut Veith

Helmut Veith (1971-2016) was one of the first supporters of and contributors to the Vienna Ball of Sciences.

Himself a worldwide renowned computer scientist the professor at TU Vienna believed fervently in the necessity and acquirable ability to communicate science to the public.

At the premiere of the ball in January 2015 Helmut explained the concepts of probability and game theory at the roulette table. In March 2016 Helmut passed away tragically.

We mourn a friend of outstanding wisdom, irresistible wit, untameable curiosity – and a hairdo a like.

For detailed tributes see www.oliverlehmann.at/2016/03/for-helmut-veith-1971-2016/ and forsyte.at/2016/03/helmut-veith-1971-2016/.