Katharina Gsöllpointner: Tackling global challenges

Photo: Ana Loureiro Fernandes

“I contribute to the management of the significant crises of our time (COVID-19 and the climate crisis) by doing research and teaching young people in cross-disciplinary knowledge and competences to tackle the Grand Global Challenges.

As head of the department ‘International Programmes in Sustainable Developments’ I have contributed to the development and implementation of this new hub for innovative, international master’s programmes and cross-disciplinary projects at the Angewandte. Our programmes focus on arts-based, inter-and transdisciplinary education to meet the current requirements for future-oriented university education on a content and structural level. They are designed to equip students with the competencies, skills and abilities that will serve them in the future as an indispensable basis for their engagement with the Grand Global Challenges.”

Katharina Gsöllpointner is head of the department “International Programmes in Sustainable Developments” at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.