Corona Edition ft. Science Busters

There will not be a celebration of science in the ballroom this year. But we did prepare something else: a corona edition of the ball ft. Science Busters! On Friday the 5th of February at 21.30 you can watch this special show on W24, on our website and on our social media channels. The show will be repeated on February 12th. Unfortunately, it will only be available in German this time.

The Vienna Ball of Sciences has always been more than a big party with 5.000 guests. That is why we asked our ball ambassadors – representing different parts of science – how they deal with the big challenges of our time: Corona and the climate crisis.

We have asked six of them to step on stage for our show: chemist Nuno Maulide (University of Vienna), astronomers Franz Kerschbaum (University of Vienna) und Florian Freistetter, material scientist Miriam Unterlass (TU Vienna), theoretical physicist Misha Lemeshko (IST Austria) and behavioural biologist Elisabeth Oberzaucher – moderated by Science Busters mastermind Martin Puntigam.

And what would a ball be without a musical performance? Soprano Anne Wieben will perform “I got it from Agnes” (composed by the great Tom Lehrer) together with Nuno Maulide, who is not only a chemist but also a concert pianist, and in this way explain how infection chains work.

Stay tuned!