Andrea Zsutty

„One of the goals at the ZOOM children’s museum is to give children a sensory  approach to art and science. Touching, smelling, tasting, seeing and hearing makes complex topics more attainable. Children have a natural curiosity which stands at the basis of every learning process and scientific research. Already at a young age they get to know that all living spaces and organisms on Earth are connected. Biodiversity – one of the foci of this year’s Ball of Sciences – shows that humanity is also a part of this complex system.  Let’s celebrate the diversity of life with this ball, sustained by pillars of openness, tolerance and respect!”

Andrea Zsutty is the new director of the ZOOM children’s museum. As a studied art historian she is working in communication of art since 1996, most recently at the Bank Austria Kunstforum. The ZOOM children’s museum located at the Vienna Museumsquartier was founded in 1993 and welcomes over 120.000 visitors every year.

Photo: (c) ZOOM Kindermuseum