Alena Buyx

“Successful science is shaped by curiosity, encounter, exchange and cooperation. Especially in a globalised academic world in which research projects are spread over borders and continents, it becomes important to carry out scientific collaboration through personal relationships. And what would be a better place to nourish them than at a Viennese ball? I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than to meet colleagues and friends – who I would normally just see through tele conferences talking about everyday research practices – at the glamorous Vienna Ball of Sciences and to receive a boost of energy and creativity through dancing. Something that can furtheron inspire more research ideas. And when it is over, you are already looking forward to the next year!”

Aleny Buyx is professor for Ethics in Medicine and director of the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich. She is the youngest appointed member of the German Ethics council and member of the global experts council for genome editing at the World Health Organisation WHO. Her work at the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute for Applied Diagnostics and her role as programme councilor for the Health Talks at the European Forum Alpbach also brings her to Austria on a regular basis.

Photo: (c) Klaus Ranger