A disco full of art

It was already at the last two Science Balls quite obvious, that dancing scientist need more than a simple disco – they expect an extraordinary atmosphere, when shaking and listening to groovy tunes. In 2016, we made a time jump into the 13th century and danced in the Virgil chapel, a year earlier we had the quantum disco, simulating the double-slit experiment. This year’s theme: art!  

The walls of our ball disco will be designed by three young artists, all of them studying figurative painting at the Academy of fine arts Vienna. The huge paintings are designed by Linus Pamp, Maximilian Mucha and Purya Alimirzaee. They had no requirements or guidlines for their art and painting on the oversized molleton, which allowed a high creative potential. We are very much looking forward to impressive walls and a very special ambiance in this year’s ball disco! 

Photo: Christoph Rodler