We’re hiring!

Das Ballkomitee sucht für den Ball 2019 eine

Redaktionsassistenz (m/w)


  • Redaktionelle Betreuung von Homepage, sozialen Medien und Ballmagazin; Erstellung und Bearbeitung von Eigen- und Fremdtexten; Produktion, Recherche und Bearbeitung von Bildmaterial (Foto und Video)
  • Recherche und Erstellung von Info-Texten für den Ball
  • Medien-Betreuung vor, während und nach dem Ball
  • Assistenz bei der Organisation von PR-Veranstaltungen im Kontext des Balls


  • Ausgezeichnete Deutsch- und sehr gute Englischkenntnisse
  • Journalistische Praxis von Vorteil
  • Erfahrung im Umgang mit gängigen Office-Programmen, CMS (WordPress), Social Media Plattformen (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) sowie Audio- und Videobearbeitungsprogrammen
  • Idealerweise Kenntnis des universitären bzw. wissenschaftlichen Umfelds

Dauer: 3 Monate (12. November 2018 bis 9. Februar 2019)  

Wir bieten:

  • € 4000 (Werkvertrag)
  • Arbeitsplatz in der Wiener Innenstadt
  • Zusammenarbeit mit hoch motiviertem und erfahrenem Team
  • Eine rauschende Ballnacht

Bewerbungen mit Motivationsschreiben und Lebenslauf bis 15. Mai 2018 an ball@wissenschaftsball.at

Ball Photos 2018

Although we got our #SciBall selfies on our mobile phones, professional photos of the ball are a special memory. We can offer two sources of supply:

Pictures for free by our partner Warda can be found here: http://warda.at/fotos/17430-4-wiener-ball-der-wissenschaften

Prints are on sale at “The Event Photographers” – pics can be viewed and downloaded here: https://die-eventfotografen.bildkopie.com/album/gallery/w7VO6K

Further we recommend images taken by  Kerstin Zimmermann for party.at 

Finally, the photos by our ball photographer Roland Ferrigato are on display in our gallery “Ball images 2018” .

Riddle of alchemy

Find here the riddle by Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) at the at the ball: Ppen the doors to other dimensions – with logic. Help alchemy find its way into the world of modern science by solving the puzzle. Your task: fill in the grid with the four alchemical symbols for earth, fire, water and air, such that the same symbols never touch each other, not even diagonally, by putting exactly one symbol in each rectangle, no matter the size of the rectangle. The puzzle was created especially for the Vienna Ball of Sciences by Maarten Löffler, University of Utrecht. Continue reading Riddle of alchemy

First Dancing Moves on Ice

While we are preparing the ball in the town hall, the most beautiful reception committee in operation, which you can only wish for as an organization team, starts in the park in front of the building: Our ball partner, Vienna City Marketing, beginns with the Eistraum 2018!

So if you want to warm up for the dance floor, here you may turn a romantic pirouette on the ice at the Rathausplatz. Find further information here: www.wien-event.at/events/wiener-eistraum/



Künstlerhaus-Quiz: Tickets to go!


We are giving away 2×2 tickets! See and find out (or guess) which Austrian actress is the granddaughter of the artist who created the wall decoration with the beautiful scientific motifs on the facade of the Stadtkino in the Künstlerhaus, where our ticket office is located this ball season. Send the names of grandfather and granddaughter, and whether paternally or maternally related until Friday, Jan 19, 2018, 12.00 noon to ball@wissenschaftsball.at The 2×2 tickets will be drawn among the entries. All decisions are final.

Good luck!

Nunu Kaller

“Balls are committed to beautiful appearance. But from the very beginning the Science Ball was committed to an idea, namely to bring the openness, diversity and excellence of the Viennese researchers into the spotlight of attention. We owe a great deal to scientific research in the socio-political field. And so it is only logical that for the ball gowns and their wearers at this event that what counts is not the hip measurement, but the attitude: every woman has a right to feel beautiful.”

Nunu Kaller is an environmental strategist, blogger and author of the recently published book “Fuck Beauty!” (Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 2018)

“Making of” Markus Mayer


The photo series with Burgtheater actor and biochemist Markus Meyer was created in the late afternoon of December 22, 2017, in the legendary bar of the Hotel Intercontinental in Vienna. Two days before, Mayer had premiered in Ewald Palmetshofer’s drama “Before Sunrise” (after Gerhart Hauptmann); for photographer Sabine Hauswirth, camera operator Joseph Cyril Stoisits and me it was the last appointment before Christmas. The pictures give away this relaxed mood. On the stage effect of Markus Meyer we quote from the “Burgtheater Magazin” (November issue December 2017, page 35):

Have you ever had indecent thoughts while watching actors play?
“Indecent thoughts? Markus Meyer’s appearance as Ludwig II! Heaven, staying cool next to my husband was a great acting performance by me. ”
Susanna Cantele

We confirm this impression with pleasure.

Markus Meyer

“According to Hermann F. Mark, ‘all life is chemistry’, but according to Calderón, ‘life is a dream’. So as a consequence one might follow that chemistry is based on the dream, that life is created out of nothing. Chemists do this everyday in the lab, actors on stage every night. The science ball suggests that such relationships between research and the arts are  made and appreciated. That alone is a reason to celebrate. ”

Markus Meyer is an actor at the Burgtheater since 2004, most recently as the leading character in “Ludwig II.” at the Akademietheater. In 2016 he was named “Actor of the Year” by the ORF radio drama jury. Markus is also a trained biochemist (University of Hannover)

Photo: Sabine Hauswirth, location: bar at the Hotel Intercontinental (thanks to Daniela Enzi)