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Jane Austen and the midnight quadrille

“My friend G.G. was there with two of her friends from Canada: one is a great guy I have met a few times and who actually flies into Vienna to attend balls and that is so neat and international spy-like. Her other friend had just arrived in Vienna for the very first time. I think attending a ball and being in Vienna for the first time is probably incredibly surreal and a little time warpy. When the midnight quadrille started, she just shook her head in amazement and said ‘I mean, I’ve studied Jane Austen but this…'”

Tova Marr on the ball 2017 in her fantastic blog “Operation Tubetop”

Agnes Reiner

“Research + Vienna = Scienceball. This equation stands for the combination of the classical and traditional and the modern and progressive aspects of the city of Vienna, that are united at the Ball of Science. We can look forward to an exciting and lively evening with many interesting conversations, outstanding personalities and excellent dance music.”

Biotechnologist Agnes Reiner (30) deals in her thesis on early detection of ovarian cancer with everything that happens between our cells. For her PhD she conducted research in Vienna and Singapore. Now Rainer continues her research at the Department of Physiological Chemistry, U Vienna. Above all, she is the winner of the Falling Walls Conference 2017 in Berlin.

Peter Klien

“Scientists spinning in circles? That’s nothing special, for this you do not need the Vienna Ball of Sciences. It happens every day with theories in the labs or with theses in the journals. What makes the Sci Ball Vienna special is the openness and joy of a worldwide research community in the heart of Europe. It goes to prove what until recently no-one would have thought is possible: scientists are actually open to having fun!”

Peter Klien – a trained philosopher and classicist – is known as reporter in the ORF late-night show “Willkommen Österreich”. His new solo show “Reporters Without Borders” is on since 15 November 2017 at the Rabenhof Theater.

Miriam Unterlass

“Balls have a long and proud history in Vienna. Until today, having a ball of its own reflects the social importance of a profession, a guild, a union, or any other part of society. Building on an outstanding history of remarkable contributions to science and society, the scientific community of Vienna of today is alive and vibrant as ever. The Vienna Ball of Sciences brings this community together to celebrate both the past and the present. I am looking forward to this event of the year for every scientist in Vienna!”

Miriam Unterlass was born in Erlangen in Germany. Sie studied chemistry, materials science and chemical engineering in Würzburg, Lyon and Southampton. In December 2012 she established her junior research group “Advanced Polymer Materials” at the Institute of Materials Chemistry of TU Wien, 2017 Unterlass received the FWF START-Award. 

Photo: Karoline Wolf

Sergey Zotchev

“Before coming to Vienna, I had never heard about balls that are arranged to celebrate science. What a wonderful idea! Gathering scientists, people from industry and politicians for such an event and at such a beautiful location can – besides bringing lots of joy – foster new connections and further promote Austrian research and education. Vienna has certainly much to offer to those curious in mind and those, who simply like to enjoy life. Let’s be both! I am very much looking forward to this year’s Vienna Ball of Sciences, and hope to learn how to waltz just in time.”

Sergey Zotchev is Professor of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the Department of Pharmacognosy/University of Vienna since September 2015.

Nuno Maulide

“A central topic in chemistry are the reactions that change chemical bonds. This phenomenon of transformation can also be transferred to the ball: the Vienna Ball of Sciences demonstrates how this format of a ball, which has long been regarded as very traditional, can be transformed into a modern and inspiring event that now has fans all over the world. And allegedly, the ball might also create new interesting bonds through reactions on the dance floor. ”

Nuno Maulide is Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Vienna. He is member of the ÖAW Young Curia. In 2015 he received a ERC Grant, the highest research grant from the European Union, already for the second time. In addition, Maulide has rendered services as a science broker at the Vienna Children’s University

Photo: © Universität Wien/

Andrea Ladinig

“The Vienna Science Ball is a great new tradition that brings scientists from all fields together. I think it’s particularly nice that the ‘scientific community’ has a special reason to meet outside of conferences. Just as spectacular ball nights are inextricably linked with Vienna, internationality, health and sustainability are part of Vetmeduni Vienna. To ensure that all ball guests can enjoy their Schnitzel Roll and Sacher Sausages, we advocate using innovative livestock medicine for healthy food. ”

Andrea Ladinig is the head of the University Clinic for Swine at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna since August 2017. She is specialized on the PRRS virus, which is considered one of the most significant viral diseases of pigs and which currently causes high losses in pig production.

“Dancing with the Stars” at Sci Ball Vienna!

Ever dreamt of opening a ball as a “Dancing Star”? To the sounds of the famous polonaise? In the ballroom of the town hall? Imagine sweeping over the dancing floor as one of the first couples, while all the other guests impatiently wait, ready to swing their stiletto heels and patent-leather shoes? This dream can come true for you at the Vienna Ball of Sciences, if you are familiar with Viennese waltz. Continue reading “Dancing with the Stars” at Sci Ball Vienna!

Tickets on sale for 4th Science Ball

Large demand due to late semester break – Past balls all sold out

13939401_657418807745243_7957485962354048390_nVienna (OTS) – Starting Monday, November 13, 2017, tickets for the 4th Vienna Science Ball will be available in the web shop. As the previous events were sold out early, the chair of the organizing committee Oliver Lehmann expects for this year’s ball an even greater demand, also as the semester break this year starts one week later. Tickets can be booked at Continue reading Tickets on sale for 4th Science Ball

The ball poster 2018!

May the curtain rise for the ballposter 2018! The artwork was made by the Canadian-Austrian illustrator Lilly Panholzer. With this poster we continue our tradition to interpret the classic ballposter as our contribution to the beginning of the carneval season. Ballroom classics like “Fly me to the moon” spring to mind. The poster will pop up in the coming days around town. Evidence pictures are welcome. Do have fun.

“Fly me to the moon / Let me play among the stars / Let me see what spring is like / On a, Jupiter and Mars / In other words, hold my hand In other words, baby, kiss me // Fill my heart with song / And let me sing for ever more / You are all I long for / All I worship and adore / In other words, please be true / In other words, I love you // Fill my heart with song / Let me sing for ever more / You are all I long for / All I worship and adore / In other words, please be true / In other words, in other words / I love you”