8. Wissenschaftsball abgesagt

Dynamik durch Omikron nicht kalkulierbar • Organisationskomitee folgt den Erkenntnissen der Forschung • Neuer Termin für Jänner 2023 geplant

„Wiens klügster Ball“
Falter, 30. Jänner 2019

„Der coolste Ball der Saison“
woman.at, 12. Jänner 2016

„The best ball I have ever been to in Vienna!“
Miya Komori, via e-mail, 13 December 2015

„Vienna’s academic community waltzes to a tune of diversity and openness“
Science Magazine, 6 February, 2015, Vol 347, Issue 6222

“This ball illustrates in a singularly Viennese fashion that Vienna has become the focal point of science in Central Europe“
Eric Kandel, Nobel laureate 2000 and guest of honor 2016

„One of the (few) truly social, got-to-be-there events for the international science community“
Marc Abrahams, founder of the Annals of Improbable Research and of the Ig Nobel Awards